Founders Embassy is the world's first accelerator designed for international and immigrant entrepreneurs committed to making a positive impact on the world. 

Unlike typical accelerators and incubators, Founders Embassy focuses on elevating, inspiring, and educating international and immigrant founders by offering them unprecedented access to Silicon Valley through its immersive acceleration programs, impactful events, and thought leadership - all without any exchange of equity.


Founders Embassy's mission is to democratize access to Silicon Valley for the most talented international startups that lack the privilege of insider connections and resources. 

We believe that radical inclusiveness will drive far greater outcomes than ever before and it starts with bringing people together from diverse backgrounds to solve the world's most consequential problems.

Acceleration Programs & Impactful Events

Founders Embassy is designed to be a "home away from home" for global entrepreneurs whether they are visiting founders from another country or immigrant founders living in the U.S.


"Borderless Acceleration"

Multiple times a year, Founders Embassy brings small classes of founders from diverse backgrounds to Silicon Valley for a rigorous two-week acceleration program. Representing different countries and living together under one roof in the heart of San Francisco, founders connect with thought leaders and offer feedback to one another while receiving coaching from Silicon Valley mentors, experts, and investors.



Our speakers, mentors, advisors, and coaches represent some of Silicon Valley's most successful entrepreneurs, VCs, and experts in their respective industries. They offer their expertise to founders as a way to "pay it forward", or give back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of their home country or simply because they believe that an understanding of the Silicon Valley mindset is essential in the advancement of global entrepreneurship.


Partners & Resources

There are countless organizations worldwide hoping to understand, leverage and connect with Silicon Valley. Our global network of Ambassadors around the world are our eyes and ears in their respective startup ecosystems, providing insight into the best global companies to participate in our acceleration programs. In addition to our Ambassadors, our local and global partners offer invaluable resources to entrepreneurs including legal and immigration advice, financial support, and other tools to help them succeed.


What makes us different?

Borderless by Design: Diversity and inclusion are at our core. Many organizations consider helping international and immigrant entrepreneurs, but it comes secondary to their primary goal: to see substantial returns.

No Equity Share: Founders Embassy does not take any equity from entrepreneurs who participate in our programs. We do, however, help these founders connect and communicate effectively with Silicon Valley investors.

Customized Program: We believe in the power of intimate, impactful, curated events designed to help entrepreneurs succeed and reach their full potential. Founders Embassy doesn't believe that "one size fits all", so each of our events and programs are carefully customized for each audience, allowing for relevant discussions, purposeful networking, and meaningful outcomes. 

Unique Physical Spaces: Our mission is to bring international founders under one roof. That roof may be a warehouse, a church, or even a tent! We believe in the power of an environment in creating transformative experiences.