Founders Embassy Summer 2019 Class

June 6th - 20th


Bootkik (Canada): “A platform for sharing and implementing expertise through step-by-step digital action plans called ‘Recipes’” 

foundU (Australia): “End-to-end human resources and payroll SaaS system”

Khareed (Pakistan): "Intelligent e-procurement solution that makes business purchasing simple, efficient, and transparent"

OfficeRnD (Bulgaria): “Coworking and Flexible Workspace Management Platform"

Presagen (Australia): "AI- Driven Image-Based Medical Diagnostics" 

Sensoryx (Switzerland): “Sensoryx is the market leader for digitizing human motion with the world's first truly mobile VR glove system”

Trezi (India): "Transforming Design Experience For The Building Industry"

SpacePass (Latvia): “Office management platform for space owners/operators, real estate brokers, web marketplaces, corporate travel agents and enterprises”