Beliive (Brazil) - The world's largest time exchange community

Capital Pilot (United Kingdom) - Capital Pilot’s platform automates rating and investor matching for startups at scale, driving efficiency and liquidity in tech investment

Crowdmark (Canada) - A collaborative online grading and analytics platform

Infinite Foundry (Portugal; Brazil) - Industrial cloud platform that hosts the 3D digital representation of a production line and processes IoT data in 3D real-time for operational optimization

Inuka (Netherlands) - Making effective mental health support available for all

Natufia Labs (Estonia) - The Nespresso for plants and herbs

StoryChief (Belgium) - Content marketing automation software which allows your content team work better together on articles and syndicate them multichannel with one click

Two Hands (Australia) - A digital marketplace connecting fishers directly with restaurants and their consumers enabling an emotional connection and elimination of food fraud