Backpacker College

Find local experiences and book private accommodations in vacant dorms on college campuses across Canada and the US

Canada | Summer 2018 Class


The world's largest time exchange community

Brazil | Winter 2019 Class


Marketplace for the education ecosystem of the future, empowering students towards personalized pathways

Australia | Fall 2018 Class


The vanpooling platform for commuters that creates crowdsourced routes to build reliable on-demand transportation in Latin America

Mexico | Summer 2018 Class

Capital Pilot

Capital Pilot’s platform automates rating and investor matching for startups at scale, driving efficiency and liquidity in tech investment

England | Winter 2019 Class


Find your driving school

Germany | Fall 2018 Class


Hypersecure email service that decentralizes user data for exclusive storage on personal devices

Panama | Fall 2018 Class


A collaborative online grading and analytics platform

Canada | Winter 2019 Class


Create social videos using gifs, clips, and vlog content from others

France | Fall 2018 Class


The world's most advanced interactive mirror

Canada | Fall 2018 Class

Infinite Foundry

Industrial cloud platform that hosts the 3D digital representation of a production line and processes IoT data in 3D real-time for operational optimization

Portugal; Brazil | Winter 2019 Class


Making effective mental health support available for all

Netherlands | Winter 2019 Class

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 1.41.07 PM.png


AI-video solution for e-commerce

India | Fall 2018 Class


An online marketplace for transporters that connects load owners with available trucks in their area

UAE | Summer 2018 Class


Chinese Language Learning Experiences for Everyone

China | Fall 2018 Class


The leading online employee engagement & incentives platform in the Middle East

UAE | Fall 2018 Class


Myra Mirrors seeks to redefine augmented reality, and change the way developers create apps for smart surfaces.

US | Summer 2018 Class


Subscription service and device allowing you to grow fresh plants and herbs in your kitchen! “The Nespresso for plants”.

Estonia | Winter 2019 Class


Connects trusted hosts who have unused space with renters looking for storage

Canada | Fall 2018 Class



The Open Source Network for Science and Engineering. Cloud native developer tools for team collaboration

Australia | Summer 2018 Class


Content marketing automation software which allows your content team work better together on articles and syndicate them multichannel with one click

Belgium | Winter 2019 Class

Two Hands

A digital marketplace connecting fishers directly with restaurants and their consumers enabling an emotional connection and elimination of food fraud

Australia | Winter 2019 Class

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