Founders Embassy Fall 2018 Class

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BlackCap (Australia) - Marketplace for the education ecosystem of the future, empowering students towards personalized pathways

ClickClickDrive (Germany) - Find your driving school

Criptext (Panama) - Hypersecure email service that decentralizes user data for exclusive storage on personal devices

Flixup (France, San Francisco) - Create social videos using gifs, clips, and vlog content from others

iMirror (Canada) - The world's most advanced interactive mirror

Kubric (India) - AI-video solution for e-commerce

MandarinX (China, San Francisco) - Chinese Language Learning Experiences for Everyone

MERIT (UAE) - The leading online employee engagement & incentives platform in the Middle East

Sharebee (Canada) - Connects trusted hosts who have unused space with renters looking for storage


Founders Embassy Summer 2018 Class

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LoadMe (Dubai, UAE) - An online marketplace for transporters that connects load owners with available trucks in their area.

BUSSI (Mexico City, Mexico) - The vanpooling platform for commuters that creates crowdsourced routes to build reliable on-demand transportation.

Backpacker College (Toronto, Canada) - Backpacker College is in the business of helping colleges, universities and professional accommodation providers market vacant beds for travelers to book, and help them find and share great local experiences.

Myra Mirrors (USA/Poland) - Myra Mirrors seeks to redefine augmented reality, and change the way developers create apps for smart surfaces.

• STEMN (Sydney, Australia) - The Open Source Network for Science and Engineering. Cloud native developer tools for team collaboration.



What our founders have to say:


"I would describe Founders Embassy program as an immersive introductory program to raising capital and growing your business in San Francisco and the Valley with help from experts who are local, who’ve done it before, who understand your business and can make the process a lot easier than it would have been, if you did it just by yourself."

Rob Evans, Founder & CEO, Backpacker College


“I would recommend the program to all founders that are in the same stage as I am. This program is not meant for seed need to come here with a lot of things in mind: your numbers, your model, your traction… The competition here is different from other parts of the world. If you at least don’t have those things, it will be very very hard to connect with the right people.”

Ricardo Martinez, Founder & CEO, BUSSI


"I love the concept of two weeks. If it was 4 months or 6 months, it would have not been a good fit for us."

Sebastian Stefan, Founder & CEO, LoadMe


"They [Founders Embassy] connected us to the right people in the Valley."

Jackson Delahunt, Founder & CEO, STEMN


"My mentor match was incredible. It was perfect." 

Ricardo Martinez, Founder & CEO, BUSSI


"None of the experts try to sell you their products or services. They focus on solving a specific problem and bring awareness to it. It was a learning process, not a selling process."

Sebastian Stefan, Founder & CEO, LoadMe


"There was very little hypothetical advice that we got, there were practical ones. In entrepreneurship, you hear people say things like: ‘just do it’, ‘go get funding’, ‘focus on your MVP’, ‘get sales‘ - all the generic points... there was none of that here.”

Sam Bertolet, Founder & CTO,  Myra Mirrors


"After just a couple of days, you understand how important the network here is."

Bogdan Patrascu, Growth, LoadMe


"I know some very successful people who say that you only should do the top 4 accelerators that everybody knows. Founders Embassy is amongst those, if not as good or better than those because they bring so many opportunities. Coming out of this program, there is so much momentum. I don’t think I would have progressed with Myra without them."

Sam Bertolet, Co-Founder & CTO, Myra Mirrors

"We’re fortunate to be the Founders Embassy’s first class and we’re proud of it."

Sebastian Stefan, Founder & CEO, LoadMe


Check out the main takeaways for the Summer 2018 Class here.


What’s next?

Applications are currently open here for our next programs. Companies are not required to consider relocation to the U.S. and applications are welcome by both international founders as well as immigrant entrepreneurs already residing in the US.

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