What makes us different?

Diversity and inclusion are at our core. Many organizations consider helping international and immigrant entrepreneurs, but it comes secondary to their primary goal: to see substantial returns. We believe that radical inclusiveness will drive far greater outcomes than ever before and it starts with bringing people together from diverse backgrounds to solve the world's most consequential problems. 

What are we *not*? 

Founders Embassy is *not* an incubator. We do not house companies for months at a time. It is *not* an investment fund - we have no intention to take any part of a startup's equity in exchange for funding. We do, however, help these founders connect and communicate effectively with Silicon Valley investors. 

Who should apply for the BORDERLESS program?
Early stage tech-enabled startups with a team, a Minimum Valuable Product, and some traction are the best candidates for the program. It is not required for the startup to be based outside of the U.S.; however, we do require for one of the founders to be either an international citizen or an immigrant living in the U.S. A startup should ideally already have some funding raised in their home country and be preparing to raise another VC round of funding at the moment of applying for the program. All applications will be reviewed by a special selection committee determining whether or not they are a good fit for the program. 

Does Founders Embassy focus on helping founders from specific countries?
No. All international founders are welcome at Founders Embassy. As long as founders are international citizens or immigrants living in the U.S, it doesn't matter what country they are from originally.

Can founders participate in the BORDERLESS program remotely? Do founders need to attend all sessions of the program? 
We do not allow remote participation as we believe it cannot replace the unique value of an in-person interaction during the program. Attendance of all sessions is mandatory.