Hear what our Founders have to say!

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Robin van Dalen

Co-founder & CEO, Inuka

“The major thing I’m taking away from Founders Embassy is that we have to think much bigger. Also, we have to move here at some point which is something we hadn’t foreseen or thought about much.”

“Meeting founders who are going through the same journey as you, who are also foreign founders, who have big ambitions and are at the early stages of their companies - sharing that together and learning from each other was extremely valuable.”

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Greg McLardie

Founder, Two Hands

“Founders Embassy frankly changed my life and changed our venture. It’s been extraordinary…. I loved my peers and I think we'll know each other for the rest of our lives.”

(To future FE founders): “It’s long hours and it’s hard work but attend everything and focus. Honestly, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

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Michelle Caers

CEO, Crowdmark

“For anyone considering the program, I would highly recommend it. If your goal is to establish a network in Silicon Valley, if your goal is to get exposure to investors to help with fundraising, or if your goal is to meet other founders and develop strong relationships with them, I would recommend this program. If you’re coming to Silicon Valley just to have fun, this isn’t for you.”

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Ricardo Martínez

CEO & Co-Founder, BUSSI

“This program is not meant for seed companies..you need to come here with a lot of things in mind: your numbers, your model, your traction…”

"My mentor match was incredible. It was perfect."

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Jackson Delahunt

Founder & CEO, Stemn

"Founders Embassy connected us to the right people in the Valley."

"The match between me and my mentors was particularly good: a really good skills overlap, a really good experience overlap, and personal interests as well."

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Rob Evans

Founder & CEO, Backpacker College

"I would describe the Founders Embassy program as an immersive introductory program to raising capital and growing your business in San Francisco and the Valley with help from experts who are local, who’ve done it before, who understand your business and can make the process a lot easier than it would have been, if you did it just by yourself."

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Danielle Mathiesen

Founder & CEO, BlackCap

“I really enjoyed this kind of speed dating format of the mentor mixers - that was really great - I even met two people there that actually helped me click into what was happening in Canada…. I also really enjoyed just hearing people's stories and experiences from Silicon Valley.”

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Pieter Boekhoff

CEO, iMirror by nobal

"Cracking Silicon Valley can be a challenge for international startups looking to meet the right people, raise funds or even to tap into the vast pool of knowledge and expertise that you can find in San Francisco. For us, Founders Embassy did all of this and more! It was an amazing program and learning opportunity packed into a very short period of time. We are still amazed by some of the people that Andee and Anastasia brought to the table for us to network with and learn from."

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Arthur Dagard

Founder, Flixup (Narraly)

“It was a really great experience - I really enjoyed the speed dating format. It's almost like when you go to university and some sessions are catered specifically for you while others aren't necessarily, but you still learn from them. So I think it's a nice balance.”

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Estella Chen

Founder, MandarinX

“I appreciate the networking in the program because I met a lot of people and some of your speakers even connected me to some other very, very helpful and experts.”

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Richard Blakesley

Co-founder & CEO, Capital Pilot

“The real highlight for me has been the intensity of the experience of meeting such a large number of different people who are so relevant to our business.”

“It’s been a really well-organized program, we got a huge amount out of it, and I’ve made some great friends in the process.”

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Lorrana Scarpioni

Co-Founder & CEO, Beliive

“We now have networking opportunities and partnership opportunities as well as a lot of knowledge and connections to follow up with after the program. This is not just a one time thing that will solve your life but it’s about the consistency and building relationships.”

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Valeri Potchekailov

Co-Founder & CEO, StoryChief

“The fact that you guys [Founders Embassy] really cared surprised me. I didn’t expect it on that level - you really wanted us to succeed.”

“Every workshop was useful. I have my notebook and each talk had something I took notes on. I would absolutely do it again..and a lot of things will be changed when I get back. The biggest regret I have is that I didn’t bring my co-founders with me.”

Gregory Lu

Co-Founder & CEO, Natufia

I liked the concept from the beginning. We had contacts here [in Silicon Valley] but we have never had that opportunity to spend quality time here.”

“At the Demo Night, the set-up and the quality of people was very nice.”

Bruno Eisinger

Co-Founder, Infinite Foundry

“The experience for me with the Founders Embassy program was awesome. Other programs we did in the past weren’t as friendly or as cool as this one. People here treated us like friends and I’m really thankful to have met everyone.”

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 Julie Barbier-Leblan

CEO, Merit Incentives

“I think it was just the right time for me because I never have time to work on the strategy of the company or work on how we present, so it was perfect. And…I think it's the first trip of a lot of trips, because I presume we're going to raise funds here.”

”I also really loved the rest of the group, I think we had a lot of synergies in terms of profiles.”

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Aibek Van den ackerveken

CEO, ClickClickDrive

“The mentorship with Megan (Maloney, General Catalyst) was amazing. She connected me with a few people and gave me very specific feedback. She even went through and corrected our deck slide by slide - that was very cool.”

“There were a few very like big ‘aha moments’, big takeaways.”

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Sebastian Stefan

Founder & CEO, Load-Me

"I love the concept of two weeks. If it was 4 months or 6 months, it would have not been a good fit for us."

"We’re fortunate to be the Founders Embassy’s first class and we’re proud of it…After just a couple of days, you understand how important the network here is."

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Kaus (Kausambi) Manjita

Founder & CEO, Kubric

“I cannot underscore how good the team, the core group, is during the program.”

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Sam Bertolet

Co-Founder & CTO, Myra

"I know some very successful people who say that you only should do the top 4 accelerators that everybody knows. Founders Embassy is amongst those, if not as good or better than those because they bring so many opportunities… I don’t think I would have progressed with Myra without them."