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Do startups need to be in the Bay Area anymore? This San Francisco accelerator for international founders doesn’t think so

Andee Gardiner noticed that many of the companies she worked with at her accelerator had the same strategy for attracting interest from U.S. investors: Change the location of their company on LinkedIn. “We’ve had 400 applicants and I can’t tell you how many of them say San Francisco on their LinkedIn (profile) and of course it took a phone call to learn that they’re not here,” said Gardiner, who is a co-founder of San Francisco-based Founders Embassy, an accelerator for international and immigrant founders. This type of startup catfishing is a symptom of a bigger challenge for international founders, Gardiner said: How do you raise money from top tier venture capital firms if you’re company is in another country? That’s where Founders Embassy comes in. The accelerator bills itself a two week crash course in all things Silicon Valley for international or immigrant founders.

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